Those 600,000 Holiday Jobs: 40 Percent Could Become Permanent

Of the 600,000 hired for the holiday season, about 40 percent could receive permanent offers from employers, reports ABC News. That's what a recent survey by found.

Beulah Hargrove at the JCPenney store in Manhattan has been presented with such an offer. The crowds flooding the stores and shopping online during Black Friday weekend signal that Hargrove won't be atypical in having temporary work turn into the permanent kind.

There's more. Employers aren't holding it against job applicants that they are supposedly "overqualified." In fact, employers see this unusual background for retail jobs or online work as a plus.

No, it's not too late to apply; the demand is still there. Roam shopping centers for signs saying "hiring" on store windows; or better yet, just go into the stores and ask to speak to the manager. Pitch yourself, handing over your resume. Also check online job boards as well as the companies' websites. You may be back to work sooner than you expected.

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