Happy Pets Cyber Monday Sale: Penguins are new and 30 percent off


The words "Cyber Monday" and "Penguin" probably have never been uttered in the same sentence until now. Kudos to CrowdStar for making history in Happy Pets, sort of. For the next few hours as of this writing, the brand new Penguin pets are 30 percent off in honor of the recluses' Black Friday. Each Penguin matures in just three days and need to be fed every eight hours, so don't mess this up. And could you with eyes like that? Here are all six Penguin varieties:

  • Tuxedo Penguin: 44 Facebook Credits ($4.40)

  • Grey Penguin: 40 Facebook Credits ($4)

  • Brown Penguin: 40 Facebook Credits ($4)

  • Orange Penguin: 40 Facebook Credits ($4)

  • White Penguin: 42 Facebook Credits ($4.20)

  • Yellow Penguin: 40 Facebook Credits ($4)

After the three hours are up at 4 p.m. PST, these cute flightless birds will jump right back up to full price. So, if you want your hands on one of these, you better act quick before having to pay over $6 for some of these faux birds. While these Penguins don't seem to do much other than look adorable, at least they don't sound like Robin Williams or perform choreographed dance routines. That would just be annoying.

Will you be taking advantage of this deal? What pets would you like to see arrive in Happy Pets? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.