FrontierVille 'Holiday Decoratin' and 'Holiday Celebratin' Missions: Everything you need to know

Holiday Decoratin'
Holiday Decoratin'

Everyone knows that decorations are more important on Christmas, Hanukkah and the other winter holidays than any other special day of the year. Just look at Clark Griswold--now there is a guy that gets it. It only makes sense that our friends in FrontierVille would feel the same way. Except without all the fake drum rolls and disappointment. Here are the two missions you can find in the Special section of the Market:

1. Holiday Decoratin':
-Craft 15 Presents
-Collect Two Pink Flowers
-Collect 10 Holly Wreaths

For this mission, you'll need to visit your friends often and harvest lots of Cotton to amass enough Ribbon and Cloth to craft 15 Presents. The two Pink Flowers come from the Wildflower Collection, which can be completed by clearing Wildflowers much like grass and rocks--just remember not to turn in the Collection before completing the mission. All the while, keep berating those friends for some wreaths, but try to return the favor because there's always one wreath in it for you.

Holiday Celebratin'
Holiday Celebratin'

2. Holiday Celebratin':

-Collect Three Cow's Milk
-Collect Three Goose Eggs
-Craft 20 Fireworks

Time to unleash the eggnog, but where's the rum? You'll have to tend to quite a lot of Cows and Geese to get three of each of those items. And remember: do not turn in the Collections before completing this mission or you will be that much further behind and a very sad pioneer. Crafting the Fireworks takes Saltpeter, which only drops from the Manure Collection. Thankfully, each Saltpeter used in Cabin makes for five Fireworks, but this is still going to be a long mission. Completing this Goal will reward you with a Big Present that will contain one of four rare decorations.

These missions are part of the three Gift Mission packs, so they can be repeated indefinitely until they predictably go away after Christmas is through. So, decorate and celebrate to your heart's content, just remember to keep on visiting for that Cloth and Energy.

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