FrontierVille Gift Missions arrive with quests, loot and good cheer

Three new Gift Missions
Three new Gift Missions

So, this is what they meant by repeatable. Zynga just released three new sets of Gift Missions in FrontierVille. All of which we already covered here in previews, these missions each come with a bonus item for each purchase and are available for coins.Check out each package and what you'll get below:

Thankfully, all these mission packs cost mere coins and can be bought over and over. Better yet, they don't seem to have an expiration date like the Timed Missions nor do they look like they're going away anytime soon. My guess is that people are going to be scrounging for coins within the next few weeks. Just don't spend too much as a lot of awesome items are incoming too.

Have you tired the new holiday gift missions? What do you think of this new method of releasing missions and other items? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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