FarmVille Winter Holiday Buildings: Holiday PO & Winter Station


FarmVille's latest game update brought with it a new series of Winter Holiday items, now available in the game's store. In this release, we see the addition of two new buildings, both of which we brought you a Sneak Peek of just yesterday.

The buildings are the Holiday PO (Post Office) and the Winter Station. The Holiday PO is available for coins, but is quite expensive, at a price of 250,000 coins. For that splurge, you'll earn 2500 experience points as a reward. Meanwhile, the Winter Station is a nice train station building that will go lovely either with your already placed train tracks (that were released in the game a few weeks ago), or with an entire new, winter-themed train track that you can now construct via individual items purchased from the store. The Winter Station costs 20 Farm Cash to add to your farm.

Both of these items will be available in the game for the next 26 days, giving you plenty of time to get your farm completely into the Holiday spirit.

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Will you purchase either of these buildings to decorate your farm this Holiday season? Let us know which one you like more in the comments.