FarmVille Unwither Ring: The one ring to infuriate them all returns

Unwither Ring
Zales? Forget them. Kay Jewelers? Kid stuff. Tiffany's? You could find that stuff in a quarter machine. What's really wowing the girls this season is the Unwither Ring. Zynga's infamous, expertly cut and set ring in FarmVille has returned for the holidays. Not only will this ring absolutely take your loved one's breath away, but their crops will never dry out and die again. OK, so all that stuff is made up, but it will keep your crops from withering for eternity. The Unwither Ring has been the target of much debate in the FarmVille world this year with claims that it either costs too much, trivializes the game or shouldn't exist altogether. For another look at "game-breaking" items in social games, check out this post.

For a whopping 250 Farm Cash, you can gift this item to a friend and even customize it with two band options--gold and platinum--and five gem choices: Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Black Pearl and None for the plain folk. Lastly, you can engrave it with a cute, 140 character message. Now, I would strongly recommend not getting your girlfriend, wife or what have you this if she is not seriously into FarmVille or you could very well be alone this Christmas. But if that's your (and her) thing, then definitely take the nearly $40 plunge. Just make sure you get her something tangible, too. You know she deserves it for dealing with your sorry behind day in and day out.

Will you be buying the Unwither Ring for yourself or a friend this holiday season? What do you think of incredibly powerful items like this costing this much cash? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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