ESPNU College Town: Play Lacrosse in District 4 thanks to update

Optometrist, Music Shop and more
Optometrist, Music Shop and more

Well, not literally, but you get the point. Playdom has finally unlocked District 4 for expansion in a recent update to ESPNU College Town. Players now have even more room to put all their stuff and, more importantly, fit more venues thanks to the new space. Also included in the update was Lacrosse, a new Soccer venue event that will operate much like other sports events, but again without new All Stars.

New Entertainment buildings added to the game include the Optometrist, Music Shop, Cemetery and Campground--all of which either grant coins per hour or School Spirit. The first two both cost 8 Campus Cash while the last two both go for 10 Campus Cash, which amounts to $2 and $2.50, respectively. However, the next two changes we're about to mention might be more exciting than any new content. First, Playdom has finally added the ability to move and remove roads easily. Now, all you need to do is click on the road to either move it somewhere else or remove it entirely.

Second is the Save State option. Located underneath the screen shot icon, this allows you to save then game after queuing a long list of actions like collecting from properties or adding more students. What this does is force the game to sync with Playdom's servers immediately, ensuring that none of your recent actions are undone in an unfortunate crash. This isn't a complete fix, but hey, at least this gives us an option other than, say, throwing our laptops out the window.

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