NBC's National Dog Show prances to Facebook with Dog Show Friends

Dog Show Friends
Still reeling from biggest pooch parade of the year? NBC and the National Dog Show want you to relive your fond, fur-filled memories in their new Facebook game, Dog Show Friends. Designed by NBC Sports and 4mm Games, Dog Show Friends allows players to adopt a puppy, nurture and train for dog shows in competition with their friends. The game is also sponsored by Purina Dog Food, which is made crystal clear throughout, and hosted by an eerily accurate rendition of John O'Hurley.

According to Kevin Monaghan, SVP and Managing Director of NBC Sports Digital Media, "The game will allow our community of viewers to continue the National Dog Show experience long after 'Best in Show' has been awarded." Actor John O'Hurley adds, "Social gaming is fast becoming an important part of our lives and the entertaining world of show dogs – virtual or not – is a perfect fit."

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Much like other pet care games, you'll have to feed, bathe and give your pet some love. In this case, these routines have been boiled down to stats that your dog must maintain to do its best in the shows--all you need to do is keep the number above each given statistic in the green. Though, things get both a bit more and less involved than that. (Trust us, you'll see in a minute.)

In order to perform at local shows, your dog will need to learn tricks. Think of these as missions or goals in other games, consuming your dog's Energy while leveling up his abilities. Dogs can learn a long list of tricks including Sit, Down, Heel and more. However, there are a few hitches with the game considering it's brand new.

Trick Level Up!
First of all, you currently cannot buy more Bones or Golden Bones to buy Purina Food to keep your pet healthy. In fact, several features have yet to be added to the game like decoration items, ribbons and trophies. However, Ribbons and Trophies could very well be in the game, but I cannot progress any further due to being dirt broke from feeding this pet relentlessly. Seriously, these guys loose Energy as if they're on the show floor already. And since you're only given about 500 Bones with your pet requiring Purina Food (which costs 50 Bones per feeding) nearly every minute, it will only be a matter of time before you run out.

While leveling up and mastering tricks provides Bones, it wasn't enough to sustain this little guy's hunger. This left me nearly helpless until the game crashed, leaving a random three bags of Purina Food in my Gift Box upon reloading. As for Energy to learn tricks with, it operates almost exactly the same way it does in other popular social games. You can buy Energy instantly for a price in real dollars or you can put your puppy to sleep (no, not that sleep!) to restore Energy slowly. And, of course, paid items are available through Golden Bones, which aren't actually available for purchase yet.

Dog Show Level Up
Other features promised include multiple dogs, breed contests and more items. But for now just enjoy watching your little one sleep, eat and play as Mr. O'Hurley guides you on your quest for the ultimate show dog.

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