Black Friday 2010 Scorecard: Online Shopping Stats, Top Brand Tweets

Store receipt black FridayThe stats for Black Friday 2010 are just now rolling in, and we have collected data from several sources to see how consumers shopped online and which brands received the most (and the least) attention on Twitter during Black Friday.

PayPal tracked the consumer spending habits of shoppers from Thanksgiving through Black Friday and found that online payments made with PayPal increased 27% over Black Friday 2009. Additionally, more people were shopping while the turkey was roasting, as payments made on Thanksgiving day itself increased 25% compared to 2009.The biggest shopping times on Black Friday, as determined by PayPal, were between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. PST. But that wasn't the start of the holiday shopping season, which PayPal puts at November 15, when we started to see many of the early Black Friday deals.

In addition to the online spending, FortiusOne monitored Black Friday tweets by brand and location, offering a picture of which brands were the biggest winners and losers of Black Friday 2010.

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The map of Black Friday Tweets above shows the states with the most Black Friday-related tweets during the Black Friday 2010 shopping event. The darker-colored states had a higher concentration of Black Friday tweets. If you want to get a closer look, check out this interactive map of Black Friday tweets sized by number of followers.

This chart shows which brands had the largest audience for tweets on Black Friday 2010. While Walmart was in front of more eyeballs, Apple was the most tweeted-about brand on Black Friday, beating out Microsoft by about 84%.

Walmart came in second in overall tweets on Black Friday, something it owes in part to Justin Bieber, who released a new exclusive CD at Walmart on Black Friday. Of those tweets mentioning Walmart on Black Friday, 41% also contained Justin Beiber.

Consumers didn't just do a lot more shopping on Black Friday weekend, American consumers were also more generous. PayPal reports that charitable giving was up 45% during Thanksgiving as compared to Thanksgiving 2009.

Keep in mind that we are still waiting to see what shoppers did in brick and mortar stores. A portion of these PayPal increases could have more to do with more consumers shopping online at PayPal merchants than with an increase in total dollars spent during Black Friday.

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