$15 Classroom Donation With Any Borders Purchase Dec. 4-5

Teacher in a classroom
Teacher in a classroom

Make any purchase at Borders Books on Dec. 4 or Dec. 5, 2010, and you'll get a $15 gift card to donate to a classroom of your choice on DonorsChoose.org. If you purchase a copy of "Waiting for Superman," a companion book to the recent eponymous movie about how to improve public schools, you'll get an extra $15 gift card.

On DonorsChoose.org, regular folks like you and me read through classroom requests for supplies, books and equipment, then choose which project gets our donation. You can pay for an entire request, or chip in a few bucks to get the students closer to their goal.

Borders is calling the promotion Super Classroom Days. It is in partnership with the Perseus Books Group. We've got more teacher discounts here.

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