12 Days of Christmas Costs $23,439 -- Pear Tree Included

Ladies dancing at Christmas showYou better stick to singing The 12 Days of Christmas rather than buying all the gifts in the song. By doing so, you'll save $23,439.

That's how much it would cost for everything from a partridge in a pear tree to the 12 drummers drumming, according to PNC Wealth Management's annual Christmas Price Index.If the retail sticker seems high, perhaps you're paying a little too much attention to PNC's publicity-grabbing exercise, but you'd be right. The price is 9.2% higher than 2009, the biggest increase since 2003.

Seven swans-a-swimming for $5,600? Maybe we could buy seven white feather dusters and hope our true love doesn't notice. (For a full 12 days on the cheap, seeWalletPop's guide.)

Don't blame the four calling birds ($599.96), the six geese a-laying ($150) or the eight maids-a-milking ($58) for the jump. They all cost the same as last year.

Save your scorn for those leading the inflation charge in terms of percentage: the three french hens (up 233% to $150), two turtle doves up 78.6% to $100, five golden rings (30% higher at $650), nine ladies dancing (up 15% to $820) and 10 lords-a-leaping (8% more at $4,766).

A partridge in a pear tree ($162), 11 pipers piping ($2,356) and 12 drummers drumming ($2,552) round out the destabilized dozen.

Securing all 12 items online won't provide a break either, according to PNC. You'll spend $34,336, nearly $11,000 more than brick-and-mortar shopping.

For a cutesy video analysis, you can click here for PNC's pop-up storybook. I took notes through the whole thing until I realized there was a press release link. I wish my true love could give me that time back. Now that would be priceless.
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