Three Companies That Are Hiring: UPS, Google and Dollar General

The U.S. economy continues to struggle and the oft-used term 'jobless recovery' remains as apt as ever. Yet, despite the doldrums, many companies are hiring.

If you're looking for a job, these three themes can help you focus your search: Seasonal hiring, growth in discount retailers and competition in tech. I've identified three companies that represent each of these hiring trends:

UPS (UPS): The package delivery company announced recently that it is adding 50,000 seasonal jobs. Best Buy (BBY), Kohls (KSS), Toys R Us and other retailers have announced major hiring plans to cover the holiday rush. The trick is to get a seasonal job and perform so well that the company offers you a full-time job after the holidays are over.

UPS has announced that it will convert some of the seasonal workers to full-time employment. It is looking for drivers, package sorters and other jobs in its huge distribution centers.

Dollar General (DG): Companies that focus on the discount sector are doing well while the economy sputters Hence, Dollar General, which competes with WalMart (WMT) on the low-end (25% of its products are $1 or less), is expanding. It has 9,000 stores, mostly in small town or rural areas, and is looking for managers around the country. No doubt many of these stores are also looking for part-time clerks and seasonal workers.

Google (GOOG): The Internet behemoth only seems to get larger and more powerful. Yet it is facing increasing competition from the likes of Facebook and Twitter, who are hiring away some of its top talent. It needs more engineers and will pay handsomely for them. But you don't have to be a computer whiz to work at Google. The New York office list 32 openings for advertising account managers, for example.

Don't let the onset of the holiday season discourage you from jump-starting your job search. Companies are hiring now. Also check out AOL Careers, which lists 10 Companies that are hiring each week. If you're out of work, there is no better gift for your family for the holidays than getting a new job.
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