FrontierVille Sneak Peek: Winter / Christmas Avatar Costumes


In addition to the loads of decorative, collection, and mission based items we've spotted so far this morning, we've also come across three images of unreleased Winter Holiday costumes in FrontierVille.

Similar to the Halloween costumes, these costumes are for your avatar, and we're assuming they will be available either to purchase from the Tailor Shop, or as rewards for finishing what is sure to be a large line-up of Winter Holiday themed missions.

The three costumes are (from left to right in the image above): Santa Claus Costume, Mrs. Claus Costume, and an Elf Costume.

Again, there is no guarantee that any of these items will officially be released in the game, and any information about their pricing and function is as-of-yet unknown, so keep that in mind.

Which of these three costumes is your favorite? Would you like to dress your FrontierVille avatar up as Santa or an elf? Let us know what you think of these outfits in the comments.

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