Cafe World: Earn 50 Cafe Cash for Harry & David purchase


If you've been waiting for another shopping promotion in Cafe World, Zynga has launched a new one this weekend that you might be interested in. This newest promotion is from Harry & David, a gourmet gifts retailer.

Via this promotion, you'll be able to receive 30% off gourmet gifts, and get free standard delivery on all purchases. You'll need to activate this offer by clicking on the link (as seen at right) which appears below the Cafe World gameplay area. From there, place a legitimate order between now and December 18 and you'll receive 50 free Cafe Cash a reward for taking part.

While this offer will, of course, require you to put out some real money before you receive your Cafe Cash, if you had been planning on making such a purchase anyway, why not take a few extra seconds to activate the Cafe World deal and earn something for yourself in the process?

Let us know what you think of this new deal in the comments - have you ever bought anything specifically to earn free premium currency in a game? Who should Zynga partner with next?

Originally published