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FarmVille for Dummies
FarmVille for Dummies

No folks, this one isn't a joke. FarmVille for Dummies now available for pre-order on In case you still need to learn more about how to play everyone's favorite social game, this 288-page paperback book will teach you everything you need to know.

Aimed for new FarmVille players who are just starting out, FarmVille for Dummies will teach you how to find neighbors, how to achieve all of the ribbons and collections, how to shop at the FarmVille Market, how to do co-op missions, and how to deal with any technical issues that might be keeping you down. FarmVille for Dummies is written by Angela Morales of FarmVille Freak, and co-authored by Kyle Orland (who has done quite a bit of writing for us here).

The book is $13.59 USD, and has a release date of February 15, 2011. What could make a better Valentine's Day present than a copy of FarmVille for Dummies? We'll definitely be picking it up!

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