'World's Cheesiest Farewell' Video and Other Gouda Employee Goodbyes

resignationLeaving a job can be emotionally charged on countless levels -- you may be moving on to a higher point in your career, but you've also built relationships with fellow colleagues throughout your tenure. Or, if you really hate your job, you can't wait to punch that blasted clock for the last time and drive away.

Spiteful employees and sentimental colleagues have taken to making farewell videos and posting them to YouTube. We've gathered some of the best, worst and most entertaining for you. Enjoy!

We love this boss

From an "un-named" creative agency... a self-proclaimed "World's Cheesiest Farewell Video" -- set to I Love This Bar.

AOL France... on layoff day

This classic video is so catchy 'The Office' created their own version of it this season. Watch 'The Office' Cold Open

Farewell, Jim!

The boss was retiring, so his employees made this video to show him all the rules they've been breaking when he's been out of the office. Gotta love the leotard-over-the-pants look!

Last day at Home Depot

If this employee hadn't turned in his two weeks notice -- well, at this point it doesn't matter.

"The" Cal Ramos farewell video

See what happens when techies try to get creative. Don't quit your day job, guys.

Last day as a subway train driver

Most of the text is in Swedish, but the message is still crystal clear: This Stockholm employee hated his job.

Bill Gates' last day at Microsoft

"Bill's always been a bit of a ham" says Robbie Bach, Microsoft's president of Entertainment and Devices.

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