City of Wonder: Stock up on extra Gold in Black Friday sale


As most Facebook games have done this year, Playdom is holding a Black Friday sale in City of Wonder, allowing users to stock up on extra Gold (the game's premium currency) that they can then use to purchase exclusive buildings and decorations.

This sale is a bit backwards, in terms of design. Rather than lowering the amount of money required to purchase each Gold package in the game, Playdom has instead simply increased the amount of Gold each package contains. That being the case, you can now pick up 100 Gold for $19.99 and 280 Gold for $49.99 (as examples), rather than the original 85 and 240 Gold packages originally available at those prices.

This sale will only be going on for a limited time, and Gold packages are available in quantities of as little as 20 Gold for $4.99, so make sure to take advantage of the bonus Gold now if you're at all interested.

Will you purchase any Gold during City of Wonder's Black Friday sale? Let us know in the comments.