Treasure Isle Black Friday Super Sale: Collect balloons for nifty in-game items

treasure isle black friday super sale

Black Friday -- the biggest shopping day of the year -- has arrived and while people are busting down doors in real-life stores for crazy deals, you can do the same in several of your favorite Facebook games including Treasure Isle.

Instead of just offering a straight up discount on virtual items, TI has turned the whole Black Friday experience into a mini-game. Collect black balloons from friends and then trade them in for in-demand items, like, for instance, an extra garden plot, which normally cost 100 Island Cash (roughly $20). So -- all in all -- begging friends for balloons can be worth your while. (On that note, if any of you would like to send me a black balloon, I'd certainly be tickled pink).

treasure isle black friday super sale items

If you're a double dipper, like myself, and also play FarmVille, you'll be more than familiar with Treasure Isle's Black Friday mini-game. Yes, you'll have to kneel on bended knee and ask friends to gift you black balloons (or if you don't like to beg, you can buy balloons using Island Cash). Once you've collected a certain number of balloons, you'll be able to trade them in for rare items. As I mentioned above, I say the Garden Plot is the must-have item (and the Fail Whale seems like the must-have decoration, just for the LOLs). Either way, here's a complete trade-in list below:

3 Black Balloons: Coffee Tray (Decoration)
13 Black Balloons: Raccoon Table
30 Black Balloons: Big Barn
56 Black Balloons: Fail Whale
60 Black Balloons: Swan Boat
100 Black Balloons: Garden Plot

treasure isle black friday super sale

There's also a gift stand part of this BF promotion, place it on your island, and as you collect more balloons the stand will grow more ornate. There was a glitch placing the stand this morning -- the pop-up window below prompted me to place my stand, but then there was no stand to be found. Not sure if many others are experiencing this -- if so, please sound off in the comments below. OK, I found my stand sitting right next to my Gem Mine, which is still under construction (see image below). Since my Treasure Isle island is littered with construction projects, it's hard to tell what's what. Or, maybe it's time to whip out the bifocals. Anyway...

treasure isle gift stand

Did you have a hard time placing or locating your stand? If not, what Black Friday items are you planning to get? Add comment.
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