PetVille Black Friday Sale gets rid of those Turkey leftovers

PetVille Black Friday
PetVille Black Friday

Yes, the craziest shopping day of the year has your pets all riled up too, so Zynga launched a Black Friday Sale in PetVille to keep the little animals happy. However, there were simply too many uncooked (i.e. living) turkeys running around, so the pets decided to sell them at discount... as machines. OK, that last part is made up, but more interesting nonetheless. (Suspend your disbelief, people.) Here are the leftovers you can pick up starting today only:

  • Mitchell the Relaxed Turkey (today only): 46 Pet Cash (around $4)

  • Mechanical Turkeys Running From Pilgrim (today only): 24 Pet Cash (about $2)

  • Mechanical Turkey Runners (two days): 24 Pet Cash (about $2)

Going a different route than most social games, PetVille is only selling rare items at normal prices today rather than cutting the prices of all of its items. Though, I bet that Mitchell won't be relaxed very long with everyone ogling him, yearning for seconds from last night's feast. Hey, leftovers is tradition too.

Which of these three items will you be picking up today? What else would you have liked to see on sale this Black Friday? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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