New FarmVille Thanksgiving Buildings: Harvest Store & Fall Nursery


If you were beginning to think that the Thanksgiving theme in FarmVille was finished, and would simply be allowed to expire from the store with no further additions (we won't blame you if you were, as we were too), you may be happy to learn that additional Thanksgiving items have been released in the store. As we try to imagine that Thanksgiving hasn't already passed, let's take a look at two new buildings that are now available in the game.

The first is the Harvest Store, which we brought you a sneak peek of more than a week ago. It costs 300,000 coins, and will reward you with 3,000 experience points as a bonus for purchasing it. Meanwhile, the other item is the Fall Nursery, or greenhouse, which is a premium item. It costs 15 Farm Cash - a cheap price considering the normal prices of buildings in FarmVille.

These two buildings will be available for the next two weeks, so you'll have plenty of time to stock up for decorating next Thanksgiving!

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Will you purchase these new buildings, or has Zynga simply released them too late for you to be interested? Let us know in the comments.