Mafia Wars Don's Dinner - Invite your friends for a "wild" good time


While Thanksgiving may be over in the real world, it is still days from completion in the world of Mafia Wars, as Zynga has announced the launch of a small feature in Mafia Wars entitled "Don's Dinner."

This feature will pop up the next time you log into the game, and will be available to complete for almost the next four days (give or take a few minutes). The event is simple - your task is to invite nine of your friends to join you at Don's Dinner. This is done by posting invites directly to your mafia members' Facebook profile walls. You can do so by clicking on the Post Invite buttons you see under the "Pick Mafia to Invite" section. For a bit of clarity, our screenshot above has been altered to protect our neighbors' privacy, but in your own game, there will be a friend's name and profile picture above each "Post Invite" button.

Once you successfully invite nine friends (that is, once nine friends click on the invite on their walls), you'll receive a free "Wild Turkey" animal item. This Wild Turkey has some really impressive stats, especially when considering how little you actually need to do to receive it. If you have lots of active mafia members, you'll receive this 79 Attack and 65 Defense point animal in no time flat - it's a good thing too, as there are only a few days left before this bird, and the event, fly away for good.

Have you already started inviting friends to Don's Dinner? What do you think of the prize you'll receive once (if) you complete the event? Let us know in the comments.