Mafia Wars Black Friday Raid: Buy more to win more

Black Friday Raid
Black Friday Raid

Tired yet? In the wake of the extended Mafia WarsThanksgiving weekend, Zynga launched a massive sale event the game for the whole weekend. In Black Friday Raid, shopping has become a mission: the more Reward Points you buy and spend, the more cool rewards you'll win.

Any player who buys 15 items in the Marketplace this weekend will receive the Berzerker vehicle, a fierce-looking Humvee with 123 Attack and 60 Defense. But, of course, there's more when you spend:

  • 500-999 Reward Points: win a Mafia Wars dog tag necklace

  • 1000-1999 RPs: win a Mafia Wars dog tag necklace and a Mafia Wars Hat

  • 2000+ RPs: win a Mafia Wars dog tag necklace, a Mafia Wars Hat and an autographed Mafia Wars poster

In other words, Zynga wants you to spend money... lots of it. Not to mention that Zygna is hosting door-buster sales every hour on the hour with items up to 70 percent off. If you're looking to score this exclusive swag, you only have until the end of Cyber Monday at midnight. But always, always remember to read the fine print: This sale event does not apply to items 5 RP or less, Fight Club items or loyalty program items. I sure hope you have a real Mafia Wars family to help you spend $240 on Mafia Wars gear. But for the truly dedicated, this is nothing, right?

Will you be shooting for the autographed poster? If you were to spend 2,000 RP in a single weekend, what would you buy? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.