Spending Too Much? How to Make Extra Money During The Holidays

Excitement fills the air during the holiday season as the stores fill up with shoppers looking for the perfect gifts to give their loved ones. This time of year also means shoppers realize that a little extra cash would make gift giving a lot easier for the holidays.

Seasonal jobs are a great way to make some extra money during the holidays and often offer flexible hours and other perks such as employee discounts. Plus, many seasonal jobs allow you to get some cash yet still get into the holiday spirit with the assigned work. If you are looking for work the next few weeks, check out some of these common seasonal jobs:

1. Temp positions

From November to January many workers are taking advantage of their vacation days or are out of work for various holidays. Work with a temp agency to help out local businesses stay on top of their work by filling in for workers on leave. A temp job allows you to gain experience in various positions, and some businesses may offer long shifts due to the lack of help during the holidays. Temp jobs are great networking opportunities -- so if you're looking for a full-time position it could be the best way to get the attention of managers during a usually slow hiring season.

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2. Retail

The most popular jobs during the holiday season are in the retail industry. Stores pull in most of their profits during the holidays and are always looking for a few extra hands to work late shifts and handle the large crowds. Many retail jobs pay more than minimum wage and give part-time workers the opportunity to pull in overtime during busy weekends. Visit your favorite store to check out seasonal work opportunities that include anything from greeting customers to helping out in the stock room.

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3. Community work

There are many people in your community that could use some help during the winter months. From helping with wrapping gifts to shoveling snow, a lot of people would love to hire workers during the busy holiday months including local businesses and the elderly. To start, offer your help to those in the community and ask them to spread the word about hiring you to do odd jobs around the house during the holidays

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4. Outdoor jobs

From cutting down holiday trees to getting your hands dirty at a local ski resort, the winter doesn't mean that outdoor jobs are dead. If you are willing to do some hard labor, businesses offer a lot of cash for extra workers to keep things running smoothly during the holiday rush. Don't forget that many local parks are always looking for a Santa Claus for their holiday events.

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5. Tutoring

The holiday season also marks the middle of the school year and is a perfect opportunity to pick up a few tutoring gigs in your local area. Students will be looking for extra help to get back on track for the second half of the year, and they will most likely have some time off to dedicate to their studies. Connect with your local schools to let teachers and students know that you are available to tutor in your subject of expertise.

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