Gift Ideas for the Boss

If you actually like your boss, and see him or her as a true advocate and mentor, finding a gift should be a delight and a breeze because you probably already have a clear idea of his/her interests and hobbies. If you have the misfortune of working for someone you aren't too keen on, thinking about getting them a gift is probably the last thing you want to do. However, you shouldn't leave your boss out. Here's your opportunity to be considerate and to try and repair a strained relationship, or keep things as smooth as possible for the time being.

For the boss, it may be worthwhile to conspire with your fellow co-workers to pitch in and get one perfect gift for your boss. That way, no one will unintentionally stand out like a sore thumb.

"Of the month" clubs

It's a practical, out of the ordinary, and thoughtful gift that keeps on giving (for the chosen number of months, anyway). Have your boss sweet on you and your co-workers each time he or she receives their "of the month club" delivery!

Gift basket

You can't go wrong with a gift basket that's mostly tailored to your boss's likes. Just pick an appropriate theme, and there are bound to be a few things he or she likes in there!

FTD Starbucks Cocoa & Coffee Basket - $49.99
Cappucino Lovers & Food Basket - $49.99

Snowy Lane Winter Sleigh - $59.99
Vermont Country Chocolate Gift Basket - $55

Meat & Cheeses:
Sleigh of Goodies - $54.99
Lucca & Sons Market Deluxe - $39.99

Italian Gourmet:
Wine Country Trattoria - $37.95
Mama Mia Italian Pasta & Sauces - $64.45

Santa's Midnight Snack - $39.99
Snowy Pine Tower from Popcorn Factory - $49.99

Guinness Celebration Basket - $55
Around the World Beer Basket - $89.99

Girly Spa:
Bath & Snack Gourmet Basket - $59.99
A Day Off - $49.95
More Choices

Garden (Red) Wine Basket - $99.95
Pinot Grigio Perfection - $49.95

Artichoke Lovers - $59.99
Smoked Salmon Seafood - $64.99
Petit Fours - $14-$60

Classic Kosher Basket - $59.99
Hanukkah Basket for Cat & Owner - $92.95

-- Shop for more gift baskets on AOL Shopping.

Unique drinkware

Is your boss more a beer drinker or a wine connoisseur? Or maybe she's more into champagne or cocktails? Once you and your team have that figured out, you're all set.

For beer:
Personalized Pub Glasses - $49.95
Hopside Down Beer Glasses - $24.95 (tip: get a pair!)

For wine:
Aerating Wine Glasses - $69.95
Cubist Wine Set - $69.95

For champagne:
Inside Out Champagne Glasses - $39.95 (tip: order two sets!)

For cocktails:
Cubist Cocktail Set - $59.99
Personalized Cocktail Shaker & Martini Glasses - $49.95

Want to go the extra mile? Pick up a bottle of wine to pair with your wine glasses gift.

Edible arrangements

If you are all looking for a thoughtful, yet delicious, gift that all of you can enjoy with your boss, get them an edible arrangements bouquet. Choose fruits your boss would like, get some or all of the fruit dipped in chocolates and/or nuts, and voila! A healthy gift everyone can take the morning or afternoon to enjoy together! Just make sure to wait for your boss's invitation to dig in before you actually do, or things could get really awkward. Find the perfect bouquet on the Edible Arrangements site.


If your boss doesn't yet have an e-reader, they will definitely love to receive one! Consider how many people you have on your team pitching in, and then find the e-reader that has a price tag within range. Here are some great, affordable options:

Funny, but sincere

Your boss is the best in the whole world. Don't wait for your boss to buy practical, everyday items that boldly display that fact -- you and your team must be proactive! Band together and have each person be responsible for one "Best Boss"-like item, or collect funds and buy a few favorites. It's funny, it's sweet, and your items will come in handy on any given day! Then, treat your boss to a nice lunch and have a laugh over the "funny, but sincere" gift.

There are times when you have less than cooperative co-workers as well. In that case, here are some gift ideas where you can give as a solo act.

Potted plants/flowers

Here's a gift that will brighten up your boss's office or desk. But, not only will your gift of flora improve the visual aesthetics of the workspace, it will also improve the mood of your boss -- which is great news for you!

Consider these plants/flowers...

Candy Cane Bulb Garden - $29.99
Christmas Star & Trumpet Garden - $39.99

Holiday Lillies - $29.99
Candy Cane Lillies - $49.97

Mini Holiday Tree:
Gingerbread Workshop - $34.99
Snowflakes & Angels - $34.95

Money Tree:
Braided Money Tree - $29.99
FTD Peace & Prosperity Money Tree - $34.99

Bonsai Tree:
Juniper Bonsai - $29.99
Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai - $39.99

Golf equipment/accessories

Have a boss that loves to spend his spare time on the green? Why not get your boss a little something that will have him thinking of you everytime he goes to his happy place? Feed the passion! Golf gifts for the golf-lover are a hole in one.

Sports fan gear

Your boss is obsessed with sports. Sports metaphors are woven into weekly meetings, you get a recap of last night's game every morning, and your boss is loud and clear about where his or her loyalties lie. Whether they bleed the colors of their alma mater or wear the same pro-team jersey every casual Friday, as long as you get the team right, they'll love your gift of team spirit!

Consider one of these team-branded gifts:

Goodies for their pets

People who have pets have a deep love for their pets, and seeing their pets happy makes them happy. So, if your boss has a beloved furry (or feathered) companion, pet gifts will surely get you a tail wag from both pet AND owner!

There are so many other potentially great gifts out there, like a pair of sporting-event or concert tickets, or a personal coffeemaker to sit on your boss's desk, or buying your boss a back massage for stress relief. Just tune in to what your boss likes or often sacrifices for work. In the end, if your gift is appropriately thoughtful, it will be appreciated.

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