FrontierVille Winter is Coming Goals: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille Winter is ComingUnfortunately for the more cold-blooded folk like myself, the frigid winter months will soon be upon us. You could face the wintry onslaught by saying "Bah!" to the cold or you could retreat to your warm room or office to play some FrontierVille. We'll go with the latter. Zynga is about to launch some new missions in FrontierVille to prepare us for the oncoming storm, "Winter is Coming." This quest is broken up into three Goals and we have all the details for you:

1. A Winter's Journey:
-Tend 50 Apple Trees
-Visit 20 Neighbors
-Collect 15 Snow Shoes (friend requests)

This Goal seems easy enough. You can either plant 50 Apple Trees or tend to them cumulatively, which we'll call the "I'll never get this done" route. Just buy the trees--you'll be thankful for all the food they drop.

2. Winter's A Comin':
-Clobber 10 Varmints
-Harvest 30 Potatoes
-Harvest 30 Wheat

We wouldn't go around looking for Varmints to bash in this Goal. Out of 60 crops harvested, at least 10 Groundhogs should show up, patiently awaiting that fateful whack over the cranium.

3. Creature Comforts:
-Tend 100 Animals
-Collect two Barn Daily Bonuses
-Collect 15 Straw Bales (friend requests)

Here we are: the final touches. There's honestly nothing special here other than the need for lots of Energy. So, keep visiting those friends for Energy bonuses and tending to those myriad Apple Trees for Food. Keep it up and you'll be locked, stocked and loaded for the coming hibernation (we wish).

[Via FrontierVille Info]

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