FrontierVille 'Hoedown' Timed Mission: Everything you need to know


A big dance is just a few days away in FrontierVille, and you'll need to prepare for it in Zynga's new timed mission, "Hoedown." This task will be available for sometime, but after accepting it you will only have four days to complete it. In order to be fully prepared for the soiree, you'll need these three things:

  • 25 Cotton

  • 5 Fancy Clothing

  • 10 Tootin' Jugs

Harvesting the 25 Cotton should be simple enough, but in the meantime you should make and visit as many friends as possible. You're going to need quite a lot of Cloth to craft those five Fancy Clothing--30 pieces to be exact. All the while, be sure to berate your friends for those 10 Tootin' Jugs. Players who complete the Goal within four days will receive one Lunch, 100 coins and the Fiddle, a brand new musical instrument (hint: it's interactive). An interactive item just for harvesting some Cotton and making some swanky outfits? You can count us in.

Via FrontierVille Info

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