FrontierVille 'Heating Your Homestead' Christmas Goal: Everything you need to know

Heating Your Homestead
Heating Your Homestead

With winter's icy bite creeping in on us, Zynga has been leaking tons of details about FrontierVille's upcoming Winter missions and Goals. However, "Heating Your Homestead" is especially interesting in that, if the rumors are true, we'll be able to complete this mission repeatedly until Christmas arrives. And after you see the requirements and the reward you'll see why this detail is vitally important:

  • Chop down five Trees

  • Have 10 Fire

  • Collect 15 Bits of Tinder

Chopping down trees should be a normal routine for you by now while crafting Fire is done in the covered Wagon using Wood and Cloth. So, visiting friends just became a much more important part of this Goal. But you'll also need a little help from your friends on this one. Just ask your friends for the Bits of Tinder and be sure to give them out via News Feed posts too as you'll be rewarded one for doing so.

Finally, here's why you'll be doing this incessantly for the next month: turning in this rumored-to-be repeatable quest will net you a Small Gift. These Small Gifts will always contain one random item from the Christmas Collection. So, doing this quest repeatedly will reward you with both lots of XP and inch you closer to yet another completed Collection. Be on the lookout for when this Goal goes live as I'm sure you'll be first in line to take it on.

[Via FrontierVille Info]

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