Flickr creator to 'Glitch' Facebook with new social game in 2011


Stewart Butterfield actually started in the games business with Ludicorp before Flickr became his claim to fame earlier this decade. Now, Butterfield returns to gaming at probably the most opportune time on one of the most opportune platforms. Butterfield's first social game with his studio, Tiny Speck Inc., is titled "Glitch" and is set to launch on Facebook in 2011. Obviously a major departure from what made him famous and very rich, we hope, the game takes place within the imagination of 11 giants. It's already weird, we know.

According to the game's first trailer, players will become figments of these giants' imaginations, working to make their ideas bigger and better. The game seems like it will play a lot like Maple Story with side scrolling controls and similar interaction. Other things that we could deduce from the trailer? How about learning new skills, studies, making fruit juice and blue, humanoid goat creatures?

For some reason, angry crows called The Rook have attacked the 11 giants' minds to steal their imaginations. It's apparently up to you, blue goat man, to thwart their plans with juice. That last part is a complete guess, but who wouldn't like to see that happen?

I don't know about you, but that's more than enough for me to at least give it shot. Take a look at the trailer above and you'll see how Butterfield is making extremely entertaining use of his philosophy degree. According to, Glitch will be made available on PC and mobile devices as well as Facebook in order to maximize its presence. Expect Glitch to release in March or April of 2011.

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