FarmVille Winter Holiday Decorations: Lighted Train, Candy Gate, Arch & Fence


What better way to begin the winter holiday celebration than to purchase some new decorative items in FarmVille? There are four new decorations, to be exact, with most of these items allowing you to create a completely separated, yet themed area on your farm this winter.

First, though, there is the Lighted Train, a individual item that costs 22 Farm Cash. If you have the Lighted Gift Box from last year's celebration, you'll recognize the design of the train (which comes with the engine, one car and a caboose connected), as it is bright blue, with animated flashing lights that make it appear as though the train is moving, just as the Lighted Gift Box flashes lights on its ribbon.

The other items are those I spoke of earlier - those items that will help you truly set your other Winter Holiday items apart, in the form of fences and other dividers. It should be noted, though, that these items will be familiar to those who were playing FarmVille at this time last year, as they were available then as well. The items are the Candy Gate, which costs 7 Farm Cash, the Candy Arch, priced at 2,000 coins, and a single piece of Candy Fencing, which costs just 800 coins.

Take special note of the Candy Fencing price - normally, themed pieces of fencing cost at least 5,000 coins per square, so this is a definite bonus for those who want to create an expansive Winter / Christmas themed area on their farms this winter.

Are you one such user? Will you stock up on Candy Fencing or buy a Lighted Train to decorate your farm this winter? Let us know in the comments.

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