Shoppers' Best Black Friday Secrets

WalletPop readers answer the call to share their best secrets for successful Black Friday shopping.

We asked bargain-obsessed shoppers who know how to navigate the post-Thanksgiving sales madness to share how they score the best deals or keep things merry. Here are their best Black Friday shopping tips.

Shopper Tip No. 1 -- Reader Muk says:
"When going to a store, bring help. An extra person or two may make the difference in getting the items you want and going home empty-handed. And get there early. Don't arrive 30 minutes before the sale starts expecting to jump right in and get what you want."

Shopper Tip No. 2 -- Reader Emily says:
"Best tip from a retail editor? Unless you are dying for that flat screen at Best Buy, stay home. Black Friday crowds can be downright hazardous to your health. Based on retail sales so far, there will be plenty of sales through the holiday season, so sleep in after Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the long weekend. Shop online if you get the itch; there will be deals there as well."

Shopper Tip No. 3 -- Reader Kathy says:
"You can download a free coupon book at that can be used at any outlet center. They also have a directory for centers nationwide as well as online shopping of company stores."

Shopper Tip No. 4 -- Reader Kevin says:
"I use one of the many Black Friday sites, being my favorite, and do most of the shopping online. It might not work for people who are trying to get all the doorbusters, but last year some of the Black Friday online sales started at 12:01am. This lets you shop for a good two-three hours, take a small cat nap, then head on over to Staples and Walgreens in the morning to round out my day with a couple of low-priced knickknacks."

Shopper Tip No. 5 -- Reader Jim says:
"Quite literally, make a list and check it twice ... or three times. I go through the flyers Thanksgiving morning, make a list by store, [noting] all the things I at least want to look at. Then I prioritize by store, go to bed early and get up by 3 or 4 a.m. to begin the insanity. I think it's fun ... and the novelty has yet to wear off."

Shopper Tip No. 6 -- Reader Paula says:
"If you're looking for that great sweater or any other clothing item, do not always worry about the size and/or color. What you want is the price! You can always go back for the right size or color later in the week with less crowds , but you still get the item for the Black Friday sale price."

Shopper Tip No. 7 -- Reader Heather says:
"I found that sometimes there will be a shortage of carts. Bring your reusable bags with you. If you're getting small items, that is! I ended up taking a few. They were a life saver!"

Shopper Tip No. 8 -- Reader Mark R. says:
"[When shopping online...] you can also sign up for Ebates, which seems to have picked up where Bing quit in terms of offering discounts at various merchants. Be sure you check out through Ebates and do not select Paypal, Billmelate, or another check-out option, because you will lose the discount when you leave the Ebates system."

Shopper Tip No. 9 -- Reader Jeaneen B. says:
"TIP: Stay home and shop on Cyber Monday."


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