Top 10 Office Turkeys of 2010

Okay, we all make mistakes at work. Sometimes we get frustrated or our judgment is off. Usually we muddle through and do what's right. Ten people weren't so lucky in 2010.

Here are AOL Jobs' top 10 office turkeys of 2010.

10. Joshua Lee Campbell

We've all fantasized about breaking a computer or other office equipment when we get frustrated at work. But mortgage worker Campbell took the fantasy one step further when he showed up drunk at work with a gun and shot the company's $100,000 server.

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9. Pete Thompson

Have you ever thought about telling off your boss and customers? Arkansas reporter Pete Thompson and his wife and weekend anchor Courtney Collins did. They made a video about a frustrated news reporter who hates his job, thinks people in Arkansas are stupid, and is desperately trying to find another job. The video went viral on YouTube and life quickly imitated art as the two reporters quickly wound up without a job.

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8. Charles Wright

Kentucky police deputy Wright accidentally locked himself in a jail cell. Embarrassing? Yes. But a reason to lose your job? No, not unless like Wright you try to shoot your way out with a gun.

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7. Wesley Anderson

UPS employee Anderson shows up for work every day. The problem is he was fired back in September. Anderson who has a history of workplace violence, was fired after engaging in a package throwing fight.

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6. KTVX promotions employee

An unidentified employee tweeted "I'm downtown eating, surrounded by Mormons and repressed sexual energy." The tweet was re-tweeted several times and now that the employee has been fired, he is probably spending most of his Twitter time on TweetMyJobs.

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5. Dawnmarie Souza

American Medical Response of Connecticut employee Souza posted negative comments about her supervisor on her personal Facebook page and she was fired. Souza probably should have stuck to Facebook status updates reporting what she had for lunch.

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4. Police Department HR

The city of Akron, Ohio, sent pink slips to the wrong employees after miscalculating seniority points. Perhaps basic math skills should be added to the city's job descriptions for HR professionals.

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3. Charles Archer

United Kingdom car dealership owner Archer was convicted of sexually assaulting four young trainees. The judge who convicted him called him a "serial groper" and his victims called him "octopus arms." A far cry from being named employee of the year.

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2. Aaron Bovos

Gwinnett County Chief Financial Officer Bovos asked 180 employees to return bonuses that were overpaid back in September of 1994. I'm guessing that at least 179 of those employees "never got the memo."

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1. Steven Slater

Jet Blue flight attendant Slater received national attention after screaming at a confrontational passenger and making a dramatic exit from his job by jumping down an emergency slide. Slater was recently offered a gig as the official spokesperson for the Mile High Text Club Contest promoting Toktumi's in-flight texting mobile communications application. Maybe Slater isn't such a turkey after all.

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