FrontierVille: Serve the Thanksgiving Feast for free collectibles

Happy Thanksgiving partners! If you have a few spare moments this holiday, make sure to log into FrontierVille to serve your virtual neighbors their own Thanksgiving Feast!

This is done by clicking on your Thanksgiving Feast table and then clicking on the "Serve" buttons associated with each step of the feast. If you've yet to complete the final part of the Thanksgiving Feast missions, that being the step requiring 40 of each of the food items, then you can still serve the courses that you have completed.

What's the point in doing so, you ask? Simple - after each course served, you will see your table animate as the your feast's hungry guests start stuffing their faces. Plus, you'll earn a load of free goodies each time a course is served. These bonuses come in the form of collection items (both for the new Thanksgiving-themed collections, and for other general collections), free coins, food, experience points, and even energy items like Dinners and Lunches.

If you've completed the entire set of Thanksgiving Feast missions, you'll be able to collect four sets of rewards for doing little more than clicking on the table. It requires no energy to do so, so what are you waiting for? Serve those hungry guests of yours before they starve!

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How many of the Thanksgiving Feast courses have you been able to serve in FrontierVille? Did you eat as much as your in-game friends this year? Let us know in the comments.