FarmVille Sneak Peek: Mrs. Claus, Cream Teddy Bear, & Tan Teddy Bear avatar costumes


While farmers everywhere are busy taking advantage of the double mastery weekend currently taking place in FarmVille, we've been able to find a lot of new unreleased items and decorations that may or may not be launching in the game this holiday season.

This time around, we can bring you a sneak peek of three new costumes for your FarmVille avatar. The first is a Mrs. Claus costume, that will be for girl avatars. Will there be a Santa Claus outfit released as well? One would think so.

The other two outfits represent holiday toys, in the form of a Cream Teddy Bear and a Tan Teddy Bear costume. These costumes are mostly identical, save for the red bow that the Cream Teddy Bear wears around his neck, and of course, the color.

As usual, there is no guarantee that these items will actually make it into FarmVIlle, so keep that in mind.

If the items do launch, which costume would you most like to dress your avatar in? If none of these work for you, what costumes would you like to see Zynga develop instead? Let us know in the comments.

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