FarmVille Sneak Peek: Holiday Train & Winter Train Tracks


While users in FarmVIlle have been able to create an Evergreen train set on their farm for a few weeks now, it looks as though Zynga will be adding to the virtual train set idea this holiday season, as we've come across new images offering a sneak peek of an unreleased Holiday Train, and a re-do of the current train track pieces in the game to match with the winter spirit (that is, they've been covered in fallen snow).

The Holiday Train (the name could change at any time) will apparently be comprised of four individual pieces, or items that will likely be available to purchase separately. They are the Holiday Train Engine, the Passenger Car, the Caboose, and the Cart (filled with toys).

As for the train track set, there are four new pieces that will be apparently be added to the store - a Winter Train Track Crossing, and three corners, allowing you to build an extensive, customized pattern for your train to "follow," even if only in your imagination.

As usual, there's no information as to when these items will actually be released in FarmVille, but if they are, we're guessing that both the train and train track items will be split between those items that are premium (Farm Cash only) and those that go for coins, so start saving a bit of both now if you want to build a Winter Train on your farm.

Will you build a Holiday Train or complete train track on your farm if given the chance? Do you like this train better than the train set already released in the game? Let us know in the comments.

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