FarmVille Double Mastery Weekend is live through November 28

From now until November 28, Zynga is giving all FarmVille players something to be very thankful for - it's Double Mastery Weekend in FarmVille!

While the "weekend" portion of the event doesn't really fit, seeing as though we are still in the middle of the week, with the Thanksgiving holiday now upon us, it makes sense that Zynga would want to celebrate in a way that will make players squeal with delight.

For those that haven't taken part in a previous Double Mastery Weekend, the event will allow you to earn two times the normal mastery point for each square of a crop harvested, and now, for each tree harvested as well. That means that you'll earn 2 mastery points for each one crop, and 2 mastery points for each one tree harvested.

What's more, if you activate a bushel before harvesting your crops, you'll also receive the extra mastery point from this addition, meaning that until November 28 (at 9PM PST), you can potentially earn 3 points of mastery for just a single square of a crop! If you've been holding off on mastering certain crops due to their high requirements, this is definitely an event to take advantage of!

What do you plan to harvest during Double Mastery Weekend? Will you play FarmVille more than you normally would this holiday weekend just to take advantage of this event? Let us know in the comments.