What Your Pet Says About Your Career

Job searches can eventually feel endless and thankless. Just reading news about job searches and the economy is enough to bring down your mood. Sometimes it's nice to have a fun distraction, such as this adorable kitten and puppy photo.

Look a them! Unless you have allergies, you can't help but fall in love with them.

To help lighten the often sullen mood of workplace news, a recent CareerBuilder survey asked workers what pets they have at home, how much they earn, and what their level of job satisfaction is. Here's what the survey found:

  • Dog owners are more likely to have a senior management position (think CEO, CFO, or VP).
  • Workers who own snakes or reptiles are the most likely group to earn six-figure salaries.
  • Workers who keep birds report the most job satisfaction.

Here are the other correlations found between pet owners and their occupations:

Bird owners

-- advertising positions

-- sales representatives

-- construction workers

-- administrative professionals

Cat owners

-- physicians

-- real estate agents

-- science and medical lab technicians

-- machine operators

-- personal caretakers

Dog owners

-- professors

-- nurses

-- IT professionals

-- military professionals

-- entertainers

Fish owners

-- HR

-- financial professionals

-- hotel and leisure workers

-- farming, fishing and forestry professionals

-- transportation workers

Snake and reptile owners

-- engineers

-- social workers

-- marketing and PR professionals

-- editors

-- writers

-- police officers

Does your four-legged (or gilled or cold-blooded) friend match up with your work history?

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