Diversity through Facebook: USA Network's Social Circle promotes acceptance in gaming

Social Circle
Social Circle

Have you made with friends of all shapes, sizes and colors? USA Network wants to test that in its most recent Facebook game, Social Circle. Just one facet of the cable TV network's efforts to promote diversity and tolerance through its Characters Unite program, Social Circle aims to measure how diverse you are by asking you questions about your friends to see if you really know them. The idea behind Social Circle is simple: to hit home the message that diversity is important in our modern society and since we're only becoming more integrated, it's time we think about diversity differently.

According to USA Networks vice president of digital Jesse Redniss, "[Social Circle] is more of a thought catalyst, which is a little bit of a different approach to gaming. In gaming traditionally you're faced with a challenge, you complete the challenge and you get rewarded for it through points or virtual items." Redniss believes this game is more about using game mechanics to cause self-reflection and perspective on their diversity.

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