School of Hard Knocks Trumps Business School

Business school graduates and dropouts have joined the pileup of graduates and dropouts from college not being able to pay back their student loans. And among them are those who attended the prestigious Harvard Business School, reports Fortune.

That's leading more and more career experts to conclude that maybe the school of hard knocks is the better bet for how to learn, earn, and even get ahead. America could be turning into the land of the over-educated and unemployed or underemployed.

At Harvard Business School, about 12 percent can't keep up with their loan repayments. But that's nothing compared to what's going on at other business schools. Overall, says the Department of Education, about 20 percent of students from brand name business schools are drowning in debt and have stopped paying their student loans or are pleading for new terms and conditions for how they can manage to come up with some kind of monthly payment.

If the school of hard knocks doesn't offer you everything you need in the way of education and training, the low-cost options include community colleges, trade schools, local public universities, and online courses and certification programs.

The highest cost program is not necessarily going to deliver the best payoff for you.

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