Restaurant City: All ingredients on sale for 3 Playfish Cash

As part of Playfish's Crazy Shopping Week in Restaurant City (in honor of Black Friday), the developer has dropped the price of all ingredients in the ingredient store (yes, every single one, no matter the rarity or original price) to just 3 Playfish Cash.

For those that have been looking to master a dish requiring ten Oranges or lots of Vanilla, you'll now be able to do so for much cheaper than before, as these ingredients in particular (along with many others) original cost 8 Playfish Cash each! Sure, you'll potentially still have to shell out a lot of Playfish Cash to master any one particular dish, but the savings available this week are very noteworthy, especially for these rare ingredients.

This massive sale on ingredients will last only for the rest of this week, so while you're doing a lot of real world cooking for Thanksgiving, make sure to take some time to do some virtual cooking, while the prices are low.

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Will you stock up on ingredients now that Playfish has discounted the price of each and every one of them? Let us know if you plan on taking advantage of this deal in the comments.

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