Basketball Gets Cheaper: NBA Ticket Prices Drop 2.5%


The average NBA ticket price fell 2.5% this season after declining 2.8% last season, Team Marketing Report, a sports business publisher, said Wednesday.

The average nonpremium ticket now costs $48, according to the Associated Press, which reported the news. Teams that have suffered some of the biggest drops include the Washington Wizards and Detroit Pistons, which each has seen ticket prices plunge 10%. Overall, Memphis Grizzlies tickets cost the least, at an average of $23.

Meanwhile, tickets to see the Los Angeles Lakers, which won the last two championships, cost the most. Lakers tickets grew 2.1% to an average of $95. The New York Knicks have the second most-expensive tickets, at $89, while the Boston Celtics are third at $69.

The average NBA attendance fell about 2% last year to 17,149 spectators per game.