Catwalk Isn't Cakewalk: Three Models Sue Agency

Life on the catwalk isn't a cakewalk. And not just because models have to focus on staying rail thin and worrying about aging. Three models are suing their former agency, Next Management, contending they were being ripped off.

Anna Aleksandra Cywinska, Anna Maria Jagodzinska and Karmen Pedaur claim that Next Management harmed them financially by "collecting and converting hundreds of thousands of dollars of their earmarked compensation remitted by third parties for bookings in the United States," reports the New York Post. They want that alleged money to be paid to them, along with punitive damages.

Meanwhile Next Management had sued Ford Models for allegedly stealing these three models away from their agency. In this sort of counter suit, the models are making a strong statement that they weren't lured to leave by Ford Models. Rather they fled Next Management because of how they were allegedly being cheated.

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