Mall World launches Thanksgiving Harvest store

With not much time to spare before the turkey-filled holiday, Mall World has just released an entire store devoted to Thanksgiving and the Autumn season. Not only does the Harvest store have costumes and accessories, there is also a wealth of Thanksgiving specific decorations to dress up your store to make it nice and festive. Here is a quick glimpse into what you can find in the Harvest store in Mall World.

For decorations, you'll be happy with the Autumn Leaves Wreath or the Wild Berry Wreath for 2 Credits each. A Braided Rug for 1,000 dollars sits on the ground warming your toes, or the Pilgrim Pup or Turkey Dog make for nice costumes for your dog companions. There is an Animatronic Wild Turkey for 1 Credit, an Autumn Window for 4 Credit, a Cornucopia for $1,000, an Acorn Chandelier for 2 Credits, and a Cast Iron Stove for 3 Mall Credit.

For outfits, there are too many clothing and accessories to list, but we'll highlight a few that we're especially fond of. For headgear, there is a Tiger Lily Headband, a Pilgrim Bonnet, and a Native Headdress. For outfits, the Indian Summer Dress is too cute for words, as is the Totem Mini Skirt. We love the Leather Framed Tote, Buckle Clutch, and the Native Fringe Purse.

You can visit this store by visiting the mall at the bottom of your game. We're sure it's a limited time shop, so stop in and shop until you drop before it's gone!

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