Mafia Wars Thanksgiving Weapons Depot items incoming Thursday

Weapons Depot Items
Weapons Depot Items

If two differentSecret Missions and a contest offering sweet swag wasn't enough, how about some items? Tomorrow, Zynga will release five limited edition items to the Mafia Wars Weapons Depot for players to create. Just for this weekend, you'll need a combination of Weapons Parts and other items to create these five Thanksgiving-exclusive items:

  • Predator Minigun: 55 Attack, 46 Defense (+5 Attack bonus*)

  • Lock and Stock: 50 Attack, 58 Defense (+5 Defense bonus)

  • Blazing Santoku: 35 Attack, 18 Defense (+1 Attack bonus)

  • Double Dare: 20 Attack, 36 Defense (+1 Defense bonus)

  • Need a Jump?: 38 Attack, 38 Defense (+1 Energy bonus)

*While these items might not have impressive, much less useful, stats, they each provide a hefty bonus to your Attack, Defense or Energy. In other words, you might want to reconsider building them... lots of them. Heck, you could work on building while waiting for that perfect Mafia Wars-themed dish.

[Via Mafia Wars Maniac]
[Image Credit: MW Loot Lady]

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