Mafia Wars Stuff the Bird Secret Mission puts the 'give' in Thanksgiving

Stuff the Bird Mission
Stuff the Bird Mission

You've survived the Holiday Traffic and come out with some nice loot, but now it's time to get down to business. A second Thanksgiving-themed Secret Mission has appeared in Mafia Wars. But things are more intense than before with the task of literally stuffing an unsuspecting fellow with the contraband you've collected from the previous mission.

For this, you'll need three friends: an Inside Man, and Enforcer and a Hacker. Complete the mission and you'll be rewarded with even more underwhelming items like the 66 Attack, 42 Defense Spy and the bloody knife with 39 Attack and 63 Defense, Tetanus. Remember to choose your squad wisely as their attributes to affect the quality of their work in a given role. This Secret Mission will only be here for seven days, but if you choose to accept it you're given just three days to complete it.

Again, better items can be won in each tier of the Serial Assassins gifting event alone, but at least it's more content for this holiday season. If you're a completionist, go for it, but don't expect much in return than a good time with friends.

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