Mafia Wars Armor Plated Crates yield tough-as-nails items

Armor Plated Crate Items
Armor Plated Crate Items

Only good things can come of a crate, right? It's been quite a long wait, but new crates have arrived in Mafia Wars. Players can finally buy the new Armor Plated Crates in the Marketplace at either 12 Reward Points for each or 35 for three crates. While either about $3 for one or around $8 for three, these items are far more impressive than previously released premium items. Take a look at what you'll find below:

Rare (10 percent chance):
-Covering Fire: 42 Attack, 86 Defense
-Solid Muscle: 87 Attack, 44 Defense

Uncommon (30 percent chance):
-Containment: 35 Attack, 72 Defense
-War Rhino: 72 Attack, 31 Defense
-Clear Path: 71 Attack, 33 Defense

Common (60 percent chance):
-Full Plate Armor: 69 Attack, 37 Defense
-Dueling Shield: 35 Attack, 69 Defense
-Long Tailed Pangolin: 68 Attack, 40 Defense

Clearly, these Crates are a far better investment than most of the recent additions to the Marketplace in recent memory. So, if you were looking for the right time to finally start buying items, now is probably that time.

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