It Girl releases two new limited time couture


It Girl limited edition couture
It Girl limited edition couture

It Girl
releases new couture items all the time, at a pace which might even be multiple times per week. We try our best to keep you updated with the latest news so that you know what's available to buy for your avatar in the premium shop in Crowdstar's hit fashion and shopping game.

The first new item is a beautiful purple skirt that goes to just about knee-length. This Fuschia Mermaid Tutu Skirt is perfect for Fall fashion, and costs 51 Facebook Credits. It is appropriate for Nightlife and Black Tie events, and has a style rating of 37. The second new couture limited time item is the Deep Blue Studded Bag. This purse is for Nightlife, Black Tie, and Music parties, and costs 41 credits. For that hefty price, you'll get a new fancy purse that matches just about all of your outfits and gives you a style rating of 18. We approve!

These new items will be available in the premium catalog for a limited time, but we have no idea how long that will be. You'll want to log in and play soon to check these items out, before they are gone for good

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