Groupon Hiring Like Crazy, Including Telecommuters

Groupon is the company you probably know from its e-discount business selling local services in bulk. Well, it's hiring like crazy, reports

Bringing many more people onboard at Groupon is taking place right along with all the rumors that Google is going to buy it. Couldn't be a more promising place for you to build a career.

Most of the hires are in sales. But, this is the beauty of it all: You don't have to be an experienced sales representative. All you need is to be a people person who has a yen to be creative. There's more. You could have the option of working from home, where you could be on the phone rounding up more merchants and other kinds of organizations to participate in Groupon's discount strategies. But if you want to go into a workplace, you can. Most of the onsite jobs are in Chicago, Ill., where the atmosphere is casual.

Look over the jobs at Groupon and apply.

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