FIFA Superstars' Tactical Joe hints at things to come, isn't real

Tactical Joe
Tactical Joe

Now I've seen everything. Promoting a product through fictional events like interactive stories and games is one thing, but Playfish decided to preview future changes in FIFA Superstars through a fictional character, Tactical Joe. This imaginary F.C. manager will be interviewed "every fortnight about game hints, current features and upcoming new FIFA Superstars additions" about future changes, according to the blog post.

As for news of recent changes from the world of animated community managers, there is no restriction on the 24-hour training sessions for players before Level 11. To further boost team rating, there is now a Personal Trainer in FIFA Superstars, ready to increase your team's rating by 10 with a training boost between matches.

In addition to new Superstars of the Week, new competitions and leagues are on the way, according to Tactical Joe. Not to mention that a new feature inspired by community feedback is coming soon. Because of players reaching out to the Playfish team, you'll soon be able to change your lineup in the middle of a game as player cards start to suffer injuries or penalty cards.

What do you think of a fictional character releasing update details? What other features are you waiting to arrive in FIFA Superstars? Speak out in the comments. Add Comment.

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