FarmVille: Two additional Chicken Coop expansions are now available


It's something that FarmVIlle users have been waiting for, for weeks - nay, months - that being the addition of further Chicken Coop expansions.

Tonight we see the release of not one, but two new expansions that are now available for users (this appears to be a slow rollout, so be patient if you don't see it right away), bringing the new maximum total of Chicken storage space to a whopping 100 birds. Each expansion allows you to increase your storage space by 20 chickens, just as the previous two expansions that have been available for some time now.

Once you've finished expanding your Chicken Coop these final two times, you'll then be the proud owner of a "Super Coop," which is where we'll assuming the expansions will stop, at least for the foreseeable future (especially considering the fact that the last expansions were released all the way back in February).

For a complete look at how to expand your Chicken Coop, check out our full guide to the feature. For the basics - you'll need to ask ten friends to help you expand your coop by posting a wall post to your wall. You'll have three days to get the help from ten friends, at which point you can either start over from zero and try again, or you can finish the coop expansion by paying Farm Cash (1 Farm Cash equals 1 friend that would have helped).

Are you excited that additional Chicken Coop expansions have finally arrived in FarmVille? Share your thoughts on this development in the comments.