FarmVille Thanksgiving Crafting Recipes available for a limited time


Attention all FarmVille crafters! There is a new recipe waiting for you to master inside your Crafting Building. As there are three different buildings within which to craft (those being the Spa, Bakery or Winery), so too are there three different recipes to master, however all of them work in the same way. To be especially clear, each user will only have access to one of these recipes, unless said user has spent the extra coins to purchase more than one Crafting Building.

For the Spa, as one example, you'll be creating Harvest Candles using both White Pumpkin and Lilac Bushels. In this case, a Spa owner would need 5 White Pumpkin bushels and 3 Lilac bushels to make the dish a single time.

For the Bakery, you'll be making Casserole with White Pumpkin and Carrot bushels, and in the Winery, you'll make Pumpkin Cider with White Pumpkin and Cranberry bushels.

While you can create Candles, Casseroles and Cider just for the amusement of doing so, keep in mind that these three recipes are available to master. However, being that they will only be available for a limited time, the challenge is high to actually do so, so start asking those friends for bushels now to have the best chance at one of these exclusive mastery signs.

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Will you attempt to master your respective Thanksgiving Crafting recipe, or will you just keep with the status quo? Let us know what you think of these limited time recipes in the comments.